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London-based dreampopper Philip Brooks explores the collapse of a once euphoric relationship in his nostalgic new single “I Don't Know If I Ever Wanna Go Back Home”. The 21-year-old sun-bleached blonde delicately combines the gleaming 80's synthwave of Bleachers with modern elements of introspective indie rock for the likes of Sharon Van Etten. The song fits as the soundtrack for a sunset joyride just as much as for a John Hughes film's closing titles. Its driving drums create a floor-the-pedal desire while Brooks' soaring vocals and hovering synths create associations of a balmy summer breeze. The young multi-instrumentalist manages to show his production skills by effortlessly infusing his playful bedroom recordings with a full band sound, showcasing both exquisite filigree and energetic straightforwardness.

Soaked in hazy memories, Philip discusses the danger of escapism in love relationships as the initial feeling of elation in the romance turns into disillusioning claustrophobia. “My songs are always about you, about driving away and how I feel so blue”, he sings, showing an authentic self-awareness and vulnerability while tying in with previous songs about coming of age with mental issues and unstable young romances – derealisation effects that Brooks mentally struggles with.

The Stuttgart-Germany-native's previous singles “Spend Some Time Alone Inside My Head”, “Honey Let's Just Drive” and “Heatwave” have wrapped up almost one million streams across the streaming platforms and added into over 3800 playlists, with the latter being added into Spotify's curated Mellow Morning Playlist. Already headlining venues in 2019 such as London's Victoria Dalston alongside tours with acts including Tiny Ruins and EUT, Philip is set to release his debut EP in November.

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“fluffy sound that sounds like a summer breeze” - Ton Spion

“dreamy mélange of spacey guitar lines and airy melodies” - Hidden Herd

“nostalgic and emotionally charged” - Highlight Magazine

“ear-pleasing production that will have you dancing from the get-go” - Our Culture Magazine

"transports the listener to a time that feels distant yet familiar" - Music Crowns

"fantastic, hazy melodies" - Little Dose of Indie

"summer anthems" - Indie Is Not A Genre

"his sound immediately demands attention" - Gems and Secrets

"intertwining personal bedroom recordings with a full band sound to divine results" - Born Music Online