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In brand new, thumping indie-pop banger “So Long, See You Someday”, London-based dreampopper Philip Brooks finds himself stuck amidst the turmoil of a millennial on-off relationship. A song sparkling of nostalgia and introspectiveness, the 22-year old attempts to make sense of the break-up-make-up chaos and pain of modern dating. “I feel like I need someone to hold, but I know that's wrong”, he admits over a pounding four-on-the-floor beat and shimmering synths, showcasing pop sensibilities a la Lorde and The Japanese House. “You can get super addicted to the intimacy and familiarity of having someone – or anyone really, and like almost anyone I feel terrified of the idea of being alone, but that's just sooo unhealthy”, he elaborates on the topic. The contagious danceability of the track dichotomised with Philip's heart-wrenching delivery of “I'm so sorry dear but I don't love you” creates a crying-in-the-club sensation which the bleach-blonde songwriter says is intentional. “Writing this song helped me realise how lost I felt and led me to find the necessary words to say, that's why I wanted it to still sound empowering and freeing.”

With this fourth single off of upcoming debut EP “Half Alive In A Dream”, due to be celebrated November 27th with a release show at Paper Dress Vintage London, the indie newbie established his talent of writing emotionally-charged and nostalgic indie-pop tunes. Tours with the likes of EUT and Tiny Ruins as well as co-signs from peers like Girl In Red show that the rising youngster is one to watch in 2020.

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"made for stardom!” - tmrw magazine

“nostalgic and emotionally charged” - Highlight Magazine

“will have you dancing from the get-go” - Our Culture Magazine

"transports the listener to a time that feels distant yet familiar" - Music Crowns

"summer anthems" - Indie Is Not A Genre

"intertwining personal bedroom recordings with a full band sound to divine results" - Born Music Online